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Excelpacks company in coimbatore

Special Purpose Packing Machinery Can Pack Produts

Special purpose Packing machinery can pack Products of round, rectangle, square Shapes solid products with different sizes These machines are extensively used to pack Machinery components, Automobile components, Textile machinery components, pump components, Food industry. Film thickness of minimum 30 microns to 300 microns.

Technical Specifications


Conveyor length 2 meters

Speed 10 to 40 packets per minute, Depending upon the product size

Packing Material All Type of laminated B.O.P.P,LD Poliester,
Aluminium Foil etc.,

Packing Size Length : 30mm to 300mm, Width: 30mm to 200mm,
Heigh: 10 mm to 300mm

PLC Control System

Machine Dimension: length: 3700mm, width: 1200mm, height: 1800mm

Weight approx 1000kg

Cantilever construction that provides for easy cleaning and maintenance, with easy access to mechanical and electrical components

Left to right operating direction

Pneumatic type end sealing jaws

In feed conveyor 2000mm long

Adjustable film folding box

The LCD Display and numeric keyboard, provides ease in setting machine parameters, it displays operational & error messages

The control allows data storage for up to 15 different machine set-ups