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Flow Packing Machine

Electric Box Packing Machine

This Flow Packed Machine is used for medium - to high - production automatic non - shrinkwrapping applications. The Machine incorporates electronic motion control and an ergonomic design that makes cleaning and sanitizing easier. This model features the usual characteristics such as strength, ease of operation, and reliability. It is also possible to integrate many different automatic and semi-automatic feeders. Manufacturers of Quality Stopper Packing Machine.

Technical Specifications


Conveyor length 2meters, with Auto Feeder (Defending Product)

Speed 30 to 450 packets per minute,

Packing Style : Centre Seal

Film thickness 40 microns and above

Packing Material All Type of laminated B.O.P.P,LD Poliester,
Aluminium Foil etc.,

Packing Size Length: 30mm to 200mm, Width: 30mm to 150mm,
Heigh: 10 mm to 70mm

Multi axis motion Control System with 10 MBPS Speed Power: 7KVA

Dimension: length: 3700mm, width: 1200mm, height: 1800mm,
Weight approx 800

Cantilever construction that provides for easy cleaning & maintenance, with easy access to mechanical & electrical components

Left to right operating direction

Rotary cross sealing jaws with an electronic overload safety switch

Self-centering film reel holder with a operated brake system

In feed conveyor 2000mm long

Adjustable film folding box

7.0” HMI 65K Color Display with numeric keyboard & 1MB Storage capability, provides ease in setting machine parameters, it displays operational & error messages

The control allows data storage for multi different machine set-ups

Individual heater controls are used for easily find the heater conditions

Automatic paper product correction and avoiding empty packets

Providing intelligence operating system for auto position accuracy